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Barriers and Successes to Implementation

Looking at different barriers encountered by agencies throughout implementation and ways to work around them. This information was presented by Dr. Webster-Stratton at N. Ireland’s Incredible Years® launch.
Barriers and Successes to Implementation

Young children need developmentally appropriate and nurturing responses from parents and teachers that will prevent more serious problems, repair problematic relationships, and help them develop the social-emotional skills they need to succeed in life. The Incredible Years® offers a comprehensive training solution. These three presentations provide an overview of the comprehensive parent, child and teacher training programs.

Solution #1 Provide parent training

Parent training remains the single most effective strategy for preventing behavior problems and promoting social and emotional competence.
Presentation on the Incredible Years® Parent Training Program

Solution #2 Provide teachers training

Teacher training in classroom management skill reduces aggression and increases children’s social and emotional competence as well as school success.
Presentation on the Incredible Years® Teacher Training Program

Solution #3 Provide children with social and emotional training

Child training produces improvement in children’s emotional language, social skills with peers, academic readiness, and problem solving. For highly aggressive and hyperactive children the combination of parent and teacher/child training produces better long-term results than either alone.
Presentation on the Incredible Years® Child Training Program

Incredible Years Home Coaching Program

The Incredible Years Home Coaching program is designed to support children and families in several ways. It can be offered as an additional support to parents attending Incredible Years parenting groups, because it can be used to make up sessions with parents who miss a group session, or need supplemental coaching with their children. Additionally IY home coaching can be used for parents and caregivers who are unable to attend an Incredible Years parenting group due to depression, schedule conflicts, or in cases where a parent group is not scheduled to start immediately. The Home Coaching program is a good way to offer immediate individual services to a family in situations where it is not acceptable to delay treatment (for example, child welfare involved family) or if parents have a family circumstance or mental illness that prevents them from attending group treatment.
Presentation on the Incredible Years® Home Coaching Program

Incredible Years Autism Parenting Program

The Incredible Years Autism program is designed to help parents learn how to get into their child’s attention spotlight and use what they know about their child’s unique play and language levels so that they can encourage, model, prompt and support their child’s language, social and emotional development.
Presentation on the Incredible Years® Autism Program

Encouraging Program Fidelity by Achieving Accreditation and Training Peer Coaches

One step in assuring quality program delivery is to provide authorized training by accredited IY mentors and trainers in the program selected.  Once the training is completed group leaders/therapists will need ongoing consultation and support as they deliver the program.  This support can be obtained through Incredible Years.  Once group leaders are accredited in the program, they are eligible for training as peer coaches.  Research indicates that on-going coaching and supervision improves adoption of the innovation and program fidelity.  The PowerPoint presentation below explains the coaching model.
Presentation on the Incredible Years® Peer Coaching

Presentations by Incredible Years Program Developer, Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PhD

Watch Incredible Years Program Developer Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PhD, deliver presentations on Incredible Years programs to audiences around the world.