Video FAQs

These short video clips feature Incredible Years founder, Carolyn Webster-Stratton®, PhD. Carolyn answers frequently asked questions by group leaders about the Incredible Years programs, the training model and practices, and implementation methodology.

Question 1: How does the group leader training work?

Question 2: What population does the program work with?

Question 3: What training and support is needed beyond the 3-day training workshop?

Question 4: What is the difference between the old and the updated parent programs?

Question 5: What is the rationale for the use of mediated video vignettes and experiential learning?

Question 6: Can the number of sessions be reduced?

Question 7: How does the program work with non-English speaking populations?

Question 8: How does the IY program work with families with varying literacy skills?

Question 9: How do I keep mandated families coming each week?

Question 10: How do I choose which vignettes to show families?

Question 11: Why do you use a collaborative training approach?

Question 12: Should foster parents be involved in the training for child welfare referred parents?

Question 13: Why are role play practices important to parents’ learning?