A Comparison of Eclectic Treatment with Webster-Stratton’s Parents and Children Series in a Children’s Mental Health Center: A randomized controlled trial

Year: 1998
Bibliography: Taylor, T. K., Schmidt, F., Pepler, D., & Hodgins, H. 1998. Behavior Therapy 29. 221-240. Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy.
Authors: Taylor, Schmidt, Pepler, Hodgins

Few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of empirically supported therapy in applied settings, or typical service in such settings. In this study, parents seeking help at a children’s mental health center for managing their 3- to 8 year-old children’s behaviors were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: Webster-Stratton’s Parents and Children Series (PACS) parenting groups (146 families), the eclectic approach to treatment typically offered at the center (46 families), or a wait-list control group (18 families). After 15 weeks, mothers in both treatments reported fewer child behavior problems than mothers on the wait list. Mothers in the PACS program reported fewer behavior problems and greater satisfaction with treatment than mothers in the eclectic treatment. These findings support he effectiveness of the PACS program, relative to typical service, for parents seeking help managing their children’s behavior.

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