A Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trial of a Parenting Intervention in Sure Start Services for Pre-School Children at Risk of Developing Conduct Disorder: How and why did it work?

Both the government and local service providers in the UK are becoming increasingly aware of the possibility of improving child outcomes through the delivery of parenting programmes. Government initiatives, such as Sure Start, Pathfinders and Flying Start are a positive step forward, yet programmes sometimes fail to work in service settings. This article describes the components necessary to deliver effective interventions, exploring the need to choose an evidence-based parent programme, implement it with fidelity and evaluate the outcome. It describes the steps taken in North and Mid Wales to do this and reports briefly on the successful outcomes achieved by delivering the Incredible Years Basic Parenting Programme to the parents of high-risk children in Sure Start areas.

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Year: 2007
Bibliography: Hutchings, J., Bywater, T., & Daley, D. 2007. Journal of Children’s Services 2, 2, 4-14.
Authors: Hutchings, Bywater, Daley, ,