Disseminating Incredible Years Series Early-Intervention Programs: Integration and sustaining services between school and home

A substantial body of research has clearly shown that young children with early-onset behavioral problems are at significantly greater risk of having severe antisocial difficulties, academic underachievement, school drop out, violence, and drug abuse in adolescence and adulthood. More than two decades of research has also identified a number of high-quality programs for parents and teachers which have been shown to reduce childhood conduct problems and strengthen social competence and in trun prevent secondary outcomes involving crime and violence. Rather the greatest challenge for schools is to select, implement, and sustain these programs for parents and teachers.

This article is about the successful implementation of the Incredible Years program and sustaining the program with high fidelity.

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Year: 2009
Bibliography: Webster-Stratton, C., Herman, K. 2009. Psychology in the Schools, Vol. 47(1), 2010. Copyright Wiley Periodicals, Inc. www. interscience.wiley.com DOI: 10.1002/pits.20450.
Authors: Webster-Stratton, Herman, , ,