Incredible Years and Teachers Training Series: A Head Start partnership to promote social competence and prevent conduct problems

Kevin was very reluctant to participate in a parent group, commenting,

The first night I went I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I couldn’t imagine continuing for 12 weeks listening to these family service workers who were two women I didn’t know tell me how to raise my kids, and then there were so many mothers and only two other dads in the group.

However, Kevin was drawn to the parent group by the prospect of the support he work receive. He reflected,

I’m not sure if I was abused or not, but I know I used to go to school with welts, from being hit. My parents had an ironong cord that they cut off an iron and stripped the rubber so it was bare metal. That is what we used to set spanked with.

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Year: 2007
Bibliography: Webser-Stratton, C., & Reid, M. J. 2007. In P. Tolin, J. Szapocznick & S. Sambrano (Eds.), Preventing youth substance abuse (pp. 67-88). Washington DC: American Psychological Association.
Authors: Webster-Stratton, Reid, , ,