Incredible Years Parent Training Support for Foster Careers in Wales: A Multi-Centre Feasibility Study

photo Analyses showed a significant reduction in child problem behaviour and improvement in carers? depression levels for intervention families at follow-up, compared with control. Unexpectedly, there was a significant improvement in control carers’ self-reported ‘parenting’ strategies.Initial foster carer training could incorporate the IY programme to support carers in establishing positive relationships and managing difficult child behaviour. Programme participation may lead to reduced service use and improved placement stability.

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Year: 2010
Bibliography: Bywater, T., Hutchings, J., Linck, P., Whitaker, C., Daley, D., Yeo, S. T., et al. 2010. Child: care, health and development 37(2), 233-243.
Authors: Bywater, Hutchings, Linck, Whitaker, Daley