Initial Evaluation of a Cultural Approach to Implementation of Evidence-basedParenting Interventions in American Indian Communities

The current investigation puts forth the authors’ conceptualization of a cultural approach to implementing evidence-based practices with American Indian (AI) families. Their approach involves two phases, the motivational phase, which sets an historical context for current difficulties; and the intervention phase, which links evidence-based skills with cultural traditions, beliefs, and values. Herein, they present preliminary evidence for the efficacy of the intervention phase, overlaid onto the Incredible Years parenting program.

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Year: 2009
Bibliography: Dionne, R., Davis, B., Sheeber, L., and Madrigal, L. 2009. Journal of Community Psychology, V.37.7. 911-921. DOI: 10.1002/jcop.20336.
Authors: Dionne, Davis, Sheeber, Madrigal,