Positive classrooms, Positive Children: A Randomized Controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness of the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management programme in an Irish context (short-term outcomes)

The findings point toward the overall utility and cost-effectiveness of the IY TCM programme in an Irish context. The programme led to improvements in the classroom environment, including a reduction in teacher reported stress and negative classroom management strategies, as well as fewer incidences of disruptive behaviour amongst pupils in the classroom. Some improvements were also seen in teacher reports of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in the intervention group children when compared to their control group counterparts including, in particular, a significant reduction in emotional symptoms. Teacher reports also underline the acceptability and benefits of the programme to teachers and possibly other staff within the Irish education system.

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Year: 2010
Bibliography: Archways. 2010. Ireland: McGilloway, S., Hyland, L., NiMhaille, G., Lodge, A., O?Neill, D., Kelly, P., Leckey, Y., Bywater, T., Comiskey, C., and Donnelly, M.
Authors: McGilloway, Hyland, NiMhaille, Lodge, Oneill