Treating conduct problems and strengthening social and emotional competence in young children: The Dina Dinosaur Treatment Program (Book Chapter)

This chapter describes a treatment program ? Dina Dinosaur’s social, emotional, and problem-solving child training program- that was designed specifically with developmentally appropriate teaching methods for young children (ages 4-8 years) and based on theory related to the types of social, emotional, and cognitive deficits or excesses exhibited by children with conduct problems.

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Year: 2005
Bibliography: Webster-Stratton, C. H., & Reid, M. J. 2005. In M. Epstein, K. Kutash & A. J. Duchowski (Eds.), Outcomes for children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders and their families: Programs and evaluation best practices (2nd ed., pp. 597-623). Aust
Authors: Webster-Stratton, Reid, , ,