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Incredible Years® Training Progression. Click here to download full size PDF.

Please browse through the sections below for more detailed information regarding the certification process.

+Certification Progression

View the Certification Progression document for a description of each “level” of certification. This helpful table provides concise bullet points to give an overall understanding of the full certification process.

Certification Training Progression
+Training, Peer Support, and Supervision of Group Leaders

The length of introductory training for parent group leaders is three days. These training workshops are offered regularly in Seattle, and certified Incredible Years trainers are also available to go on-site to train leaders if there are a minimum of 15 participants.

Training includes teaching regarding engaging families (for review see Webster-Stratton, 1998a) and demonstration of the collaborative process. A detailed description of our dissemination strategies is found in the following reference:

Recipes for Success Article

Consultation Follow up Training for Group Leaders

Within a year of the initial training, agencies should arrange an on-site consultation follow-up training for one day by a certified trainer. This consultation involves review of leader videotapes of groups conducted and role plays of real group situations. Finally, during the same time period, leaders running groups should have at least two separate telephone consultations with the trainer. Additionally, at least one tape of a group session should be submitted for review prior to on-site consultation.

Follow-up on-site training should be provided annually for two years.

Peer Review and Supervision

It is highly recommended that leaders running groups meet regularly with other group leaders for peer supervision. These meetings provide opportunities for leaders to review videotapes of their sessions together and receive feedback on aspects of their groups that were problematic. A peer review evaluation form is included and a checklist for parent and child groups. This collaborative peer review can be very supportive for leaders and enhance the quality of the group process.

Eligibility for Certification as a Group Leader

After leaders have conducted two groups they are eligible for certification. We recommend that certified leaders attend the “consultancy” training workshops which focus on leaders bringing video for review and feedback.

Maintaining Fidelity after Accreditation/Certification

In order to assure that accredited group leaders continue to deliver the program with fidelity, we highly recommend the following:
-Accredited group leaders should lead at least one group every 18 months
-Accredited group leaders should participate in a fidelity check every 18 months: this could be a coaching session with an accredited Peer Coach, a video review of a group by a Mentor or Trainer from the Incredible Years office, an in-person consultation day, or Skype consultation calls with a certified Mentor.

Even expert group leaders benefit from on-going feedback and discussions about their work. Without fidelity checks, it is easy for group leaders to drift from the original model.  Fidelity checks are also a chance for group leaders to hear about new materials or innovations to the programs.

+Achieving Fidelity

Achieving Fidelity of IY Program Delivery Content, Dosage and Clinical Processes through Certification/Accreditation.

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Achieve Fidelity
+Tips for Preparing your Video for Review

Our Incredible Years trainers are now scheduling to deliver video reviews for certification live over Zoom! 

Tips For Video Review Live Over Zoom

Delivering groups in another language?  Group leaders can provide live translation of their videos with our trainers over Zoom.  Trainers will schedule for up to an hour of extra time to complete the video review plus translation time, billed at the rate of $210 per hour.

PLEASE NOTE: if your DVD session is in another language, contact us about translation provisions. There is additional charge for translation services, or you may send a translated transcript of your session.

Download the “Tips for a Successful DVD Review”

Tips for a Successful DVD Review

Next, please see the more specific DVD review tips for Parent, Small Group, Classroom, and Teacher group leaders.

Tips for Preparing DVD for Review (Parent)
Tips for Preparing DVD for Review (Teacher)
Tips for Preparing DVD for Review (Classroom Dinosaur)
Tips for Preparing DVD for Review (Small Group Dinosaur)

You may send a physical DVD to our office, OR you may upload the DVD session to Dropbox. Please see the guide below and contact us if you will be sending a session over Dropbox.

Upload DVD to Dropbox