Incredible Years® Trainer Certification


“A certified IY trainer provides international training and consultation services. Possesses outstanding leadership skills based on consistent high workshop supervision and evaluations. Has a long-standing commitment towards evidence-based programs with fidelity and leadership skills.”

Nomination to Trainer is at the discretion of the Incredible Years developer. Please contact the Incredible Years® office for more information if you are interested in Trainer certification.

View the Incredible Years® Certification Progression
  • Completed certification as a group leader and mentor in corresponding program.
  • Provided ongoing mentoring of new group leaders and co-facilitating groups with new group leaders. Mentor evaluations are consistently outstanding.
  • Completed competent video reviews for group leaders’ certification and submitted supervisory reports to Incredible Years® office. Pass a reliability check on the video reviews for certification.
  • Successful completion of numerous authorized mentor workshops in own agency or region. Incredible Years® Office has received evaluations from these workshops which are consistently enthusiastic. Payment, workshop checklists and registration of workshop participants are reliably documented in a timely fashion following completion of a workshop.
  • Periodic videos of a portion of leader workshops have been submitted for review as a certified mentor. These videotape reviews were found to be outstanding.
  • Mentor has co-trained periodically with Incredible Years® trainers and has had close contact with the other certified trainers.
  • Mentor is knowledgeable about research and measures related to Incredible Years as well as other empirically validated interventions for children and youth.
  • Has agency support and endorsement for this role and permission to offer training workshops outside of the agency work place.
+Certified Trainer Responsibilities
  • Collaboration with Incredible Years® office regarding availability for training.
  • Makes own travel arrangements unless otherwise specified.
  • Does video reviews for group leaders for certification purposes and completes supervisory reports in a timely manner.
  • Attends regular (every 2 years) mentor/trainer updates and consultation training days.
  • Submits a video of a portion of a workshop training day for review.
  • Continues to submit workshop evaluations.
+Certified Trainer Responsibilities to Incredible Years®

Within 2 weeks of completing a workshop, a trainer will send to the Incredible Years®:

  • The training workshop checklist.
  • Daily evaluations of workshops summarized and tallied.
  • Typed (or legible) list of names, addresses and attendance record of participants at workshop.
  • An invoice of expenses.
+Incredible Years® Responsibilities to a Certified Trainer

Provides intellectual rights for trainer to copy materials for workshops.

Provides trainer with up-to-date materials and on-going research results.

Contracts with trainer and agency for training dates and helps agency to set up workshop. Handouts are provided to agency as well as suggestions for organizing workshop.

Payment to trainers will be forthcoming upon receipt of invoice, evaluations and attendance lists.

Provides certificates of attendance for participants.

Web posting of workshop as “authorized” workshop.

Registration of workshop participants upon completion with Incredible Years as having completed “authorized” workshop.

Follow-up evaluation with agency regarding workshop satisfaction.

NOTE: Mentors begin with a year of “provisional trainer” status and pending continuation of excellent workshop evaluations and periodic workshop video review, positive mentor evaluations and ongoing submission of required paperwork and reports, will receive official trainer status. Trainer status can be revoked if a trainer does not fulfill trainer responsibilities.