Small Group Dinosaur Therapy Certification


“A Certified Group Leader is someone who has been certified/accredited after demonstrating competency in facilitating groups using the IY standard materials, methods, processes and protocols.”

We are excited that you are interested in Incredible Years® Small Group Dinosaur Group Leader Certification! Please browse through the information on this page and contact us with your questions. We are happy to assist you through this process.

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+Small Group Dinosaur Certification Steps and Application
Step 1: Send in your video for review and certification application fee with:  Application form (#1), your completed Collaborative Process Checklist for that session (see #9), a brief letter summarizing the session/topic covered and population served, the Session checklist (indicating vignettes shown) for the session you send for review (see #7), and ONE Self Evaluation (#8) that corresponds to the session you send for review.
Step 2: Once your video review passes, you will be asked to send in the remaining paperwork – see notations below.
  1. Application form. (Send with video.)
    Small Group Dina Certification Application
  2. One-page letter discussing your interest in becoming certified, your goals, plans, and philosophy of effective teaching and your teaching experience. (Send after passing review.)
  3. Confidential background questionnaire about your professional experience. (Used to improve the quality of our trainings and materials.) (Send after passing review.)
    Background Questionnaire for Small Group Dina
  4. Two letters of reference. (Send after passing review.)
  5. Parent final satisfaction questionnaire for Dina school – final evaluations for two full groups (see manual for form). (Send after passing review.)
  6. Attendance list for each of two groups.
    (5-6 children finishing each group.) (Send after passing review.)
  7. Leader Checklists for Sessions (indicating vignettes shown at each session) for two groups.
    18 sessions (see manual for checklists). (Send after passing review.)
  8. Submit a peer-evaluation and a self-evaluation for each of two groups. (Send one self evaluation with video, send remainder after passing review.)
    Peer and Self Evaluation for Child Group Leader
  9. Feedback review.
    Certified Mentor or Trainer’s supervisory report of your group session. Either on-site or you may submit a video review. The review expects the following protocol to be met.
    Small Group Dina Leader Process Checklist
Please see Application Information for more information about preparing your video.

Our Incredible Years trainers are now scheduling to deliver video reviews for certification live over Zoom! 

Tips For Video Review Live Over Zoom
+Certification Fee

There is a certification application fee of $800 which includes detailed video review and supervisory report (up to two video reviews), registration process, and certificate of certification. Additional video review, if needed, is billed at the rate of $230 per hour.  The certification application fee must be received for the video to be reviewed.  If the supervisory report has been approved by a certified mentor (rather than an Incredible Years trainer) then the cost of certification is $185.

Send Application Materials and certification fee to:

Incredible Years, Inc.
Certification Committee
1411 8th Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119  USA

Our Incredible Years trainers are now scheduling to deliver video reviews for certification live over Zoom! 

Tips For Video Review Live Over Zoom

Delivering groups in another language?  Group leaders can provide live translation of their videos with our trainers over Zoom.  Trainers will schedule for up to an hour of extra time to complete the video review plus translation time, billed at the rate of $230 per hour.

+Full Description of the Small Group Dinosaur Certification Process
Attend Approved Training Workshop:

Only those candidates who have successfully completed the approved training qualify to submit a certification application. Approved training consists of a 3-day workshop offered by a certified mentor or trainer of group leaders.

Experience Requirements:

Education as teacher, psychologist, school counselor or child psychiatrist.

If small group Dina program is offered in conjunction with Parent Group, familiarity with parent curriculum is highly desirable.

Conduct 2 child groups utilizing the complete Dinosaur video curriculum (each group consisting of 18-22, 2-hour sessions or an equivalent time period). 5-6 children per series is recommended, and a minimum of 4 is required. A list of dates, locations, and number of attendees must be submitted.

Submit to the Certification Committee session protocol checklists, self-evaluation and peer-evaluation, and parent final satisfaction questionnaires for each of two groups.

Satisfactory completion of protocols for group sessions – 18-22 sessions. (Included in the manual.)

Parent Satisfaction questionnaire about their child’s participation in Dinosaur school. (This form included in the manual.)

Peer and Self-Evaluation:

Submit 2 Peer and 2 Self-evaluations using the form below. Submit one peer and one self evaluation from each of two groups.

Peer and Self Evaluation for Child Group Leader
Feedback from Certified Mentor or Trainer:

Telephone consultation from Certified/Accredited Mentor or Trainer. Group leaders may request telephone consultation, which is provided by a Mentor or Trainer. Consultation calls are contracted through IY office.

In-Person Consultation workshops led by Certified/Accredited Mentor or Trainer. These workshops consist of 6-8 pairs of group leaders who present videos of their parent groups for peer review and feedback from IY Mentor or Trainer. Agencies may request these consultation workshops at their site or send group leaders to regularly held workshops in Seattle.

Video review of complete group session by IY Certified/Accredited Mentor or Trainer. After submitting a video recording of a complete parent group session, the group leader will receive a detailed written report of their performance. The report will provide specific feedback for the group leader. Two complete video reviews are included in the certification fee. For each additional video review (beyond the first two) a fee is required due to the time intensive process of the review and preparation of the written report. Most group leaders submit at least two videos (at different times, from different groups) before obtaining final approval.

The video should be labeled, identifying the program and submitted with the group leader’s self-evaluation checklist and must meet minimal requirements for following session protocols.  Contact us about sending your video electronically:

Please see the Tips for Preparing your video for review below.

Tips for Preparing Video for Review (Small Group Dina)

Our Incredible Years trainers are now scheduling to deliver video reviews for certification live over Zoom! 

Tips For Video Review Live Over Zoom
Maintaining Fidelity after Accreditation/Certification

In order to assure that accredited group leaders continue to deliver the program with fidelity, we highly recommend the following:
-Accredited group leaders should lead at least one group every 18 months
-Accredited group leaders should participate in a fidelity check every 18 months: this could be a coaching session with an accredited Peer Coach, a video review of a group by a Mentor or Trainer from the Incredible Years office, an in-person consultation day, or Skype consultation calls with a certified Mentor.

Even expert group leaders benefit from on-going feedback and discussions about their work. Without fidelity checks, it is easy for group leaders to drift from the original model.  Fidelity checks are also a chance for group leaders to hear about new materials or innovations to the programs.