For Group Leaders

In this short video the founder, Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PhD., describes the Incredible Years® group leader training and the value of experiential learning.

Preliminary Requirements

Potential Incredible Years® group leaders should have experience in one of the helping professions: social work, psychology, education, nursing, psychiatry, or have extensive experience working with families and children.

Select a Program

There are different programs based on population served and developmental age ranges of children. The Incredible Years® series includes programs for working with parents, programs for working with teachers, and programs for working with children. It is also important to determine whether or not you will be leading a treatment group or a prevention group. We are happy to help you determine which program(s) will be the best fit, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

I am interested in leading groups for parents
I am interested in leading groups for children
I am interested in leading groups for teachers

Learn about Implementation

It is important to have a structure in place to effectively implement the program(s). Please see our Implementation section. Here you will find examples of other agencies who have implemented the programs with success, as well as information on Starting the Programs to guide you along!

Schedule a Training

Plan ahead and schedule your Incredible Years® group leader training workshop. View current trainings and registration information on the Training Workshop Schedule page. To host an onsite training for your agency or group, please contact us.

Attending a training is the first step to becoming certified in the Incredible Years®!  Our certification process  promotes fidelity and provides leaders implementing Incredible Years programs with the highest level of support and feedback.

Already a group leader?

If you are already an Incredible Years® group leader and are looking for group leader resources and materials, click here.

If you are already an Incredible Years® group leader and are looking for group leader certification information, click here.

Tips for Group Leaders

Tips for Parent Group Leaders
Tips for Child Group Leaders
Tips for Teacher Group Leaders