Resouces and Books for Teachers

Here you’ll find materials to download and informative articles for teachers written by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, the developer of the Incredible Years® programs. Please see the Supplementals page for more materials that teachers will find useful in the classroom.

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Incredible Teachers: Nurturing Children’s Social, Emotional, and Academic Competence

Incredible TeachersAn amazing book, by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PhD., for teachers, based upon her 30 years of experience observing and training teachers and children. The book is about teachers nurturing positive relationships with students and parents to promote academic growth, positive social behaviors, emotional regulation and problem solving.

"Incredible Teachers" Excerpt (Chapter 4)
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Handouts from the Curriculum

Teacher Coach GemsTeacher-coach-gems Editable Tracking fidelity, goals, and learning for teachers and their coaches.

Incentive-charts Encourage appropriate behaviors.

Incentive ChartsTeacher to Parent Communication Letters Classroom and family rules.incentive charts (Black and white)

Sample Behavior Plan Preventative strategies and how to encourage appropriate behaviors.

Editable Behavior Plans (For Workshops 1-6)
Behavior Plans For Incredible Beginnings Program
Editable Behavior Plans From Incredible Beginnings Program
Wally's Behavior Chart Setting goals.

Happy-grams Super star award certificates and more.

Dina Dinosaur Triceratops Feeling Dictionary Emotional identification for children.

Wally's Simple Problem Solving Sheet Problem solving coaching.

Wally's Advanced Problem Solving Sheet Problem solving coaching.

Compliment Book Helping children learn how to compliment.

Dina Chips Reward Sheet Rewards for children.

"Tool" Awards for Building Positive Behavior “Tool” themed awards for building positive behavior.

Tiny Turtle Hand Puppet

Tiny Turtle Hand PuppetParents may use the Tiny Turtle hand puppet to explain feelings that occur when problems occur and practice ways to calm down and try out solutions encountered in the child book “Wally Learns a Lesson From Tiny Turtle.” (Puppet is about 13″ tall)


**New** Oscar Ostrich Hand Puppet

OscarThe Oscar puppet is back (only his head and neck) ~ he decided to stop hiding in the sand and stick out his neck to come back to talk about the importance of communication.  We know that many Dina group leaders around the world have wanted to add this puppet to their collection and now an inexpensive version is finally available.  Use Oscar to help children learn to solve problems and not hide from them. 
Each puppet is sold separately.
Size: Oscar Ostrich is about 10″ long. $24

Oscar Ostrich puppet © Folkmanis, Inc.

Wally’s Detective Books

Wally's Detective BooksThese small books are designed for parents and teachers to use with children in small groups or one-on-one. Wally encounters difficult situations and learns lessons. Children are prompted to suggest possible solutions and act out their solutions (using puppets). (Set of four books.)

Wally’s Big Detective Book for Solving Problems at School

Wally's Big Detective BookThis large book includes scenarios from book one of the small Wally Detective books, with pictures that are big enough for a larger group setting. The teacher may read the problem situation and then ask the students to brainstorm possible solutions as a group. Two possible solutions are found on the back page of each problem situation so the class can compare their answers to the Wally’s solutions. These solutions can be acted out live or with puppets.
Size: 11×17″ $19.95
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There are many more supplemental items available that might be fun and useful. For a full listing, see the Teacher and Child Supplemental Materials.

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