Spanish Supplemental Materials for Child Programs


Handouts from the group leader manual have been translated for use by teachers and group leaders working with children who speak Spanish. These handouts and other supplemental items available in Spanish have been put together in one package. They also can be purchased separately. Please visit the Supplemental Materials page for a full list of supplemental items available for Small Group and Classroom Dina Curriculum.

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Spanish Small Group Dina Manual Handouts

This 400 page manual has black and white graphics that can be copied by teachers and group leaders. It includes: Show Me Five poster and Rules Cards; Dina Reward Notes; Graduation Certificates;  Bingo Games for teaching rules, friendship skills, problem solving and anger management; Pass the Hat games; Mazes for teaching concentration skills; Wally Problem-Solving and Friendship Cue Cards; Wally’s Solution Kit (both basic and complex solution cards); Tiny Turtle’s 5 Anger Steps Cue Cards; templates for teaching shield, turtle art activities, Dina steps; Calm Down thermometer, Friendship Interview and Wally Problem Solving Test.

Detective Home Activities Manual – Spanish

This manual has Spanish translations of letters for parents for both the Small Group and Classroom Curricula.  It also contains Spanish translations of hundreds of activities, organized by unit.  Each week group leaders or teachers choose developmentally appropriate activities to send home for children to do with their parents. This provides parents with examples of the new concepts that children are learning in the group so that they can reinforce these skills and ideas at home with their children.  Other activities are used during the treatment sessions or in the classrooms as small group activities to practice and reinforce skills that the children have learned in the group.  The activities span a range of developmental levels for children from 4-8 years of age.

Wally’s Detective Kit Box – Laminated Color Cue Cards – Spanish

The laminated color cards included in dinosaur curriculum consist of a set of 47 laminated basic solution cards (12), social skills cards (14), and problem solving and anger management cards (21).

These basic cards may be used as a part of the dinosaur curriculum for preschool and kindergarteners. The cards are integrated as visual cues for teaching children problem solving. The basic solutions include behavior concepts such as share, ignore, wait, help, take turns, take a deep breath, and get a teacher. These solution cards are used to teach, review, role-play, and practice new responses to common problems. Read more about using the kit
47 laminated cards, Card dimensions: 8.5 x 11″

Wally’s Set of 4 Books for Solving Problems at Home and at School – Spanish

These books are designed for parents and teachers to use with children in small groups or one-on-one.  Two of these books present 50 difficult situations Wally encounters at school and at home.  Parent or teacher reads the child scenario and asks the children for possible solutions that can be acted out with puppets. A great way to teach children problem solving. At the back of the 2 books are possible solutions that Wally used. The other two books tell stories of how Wally learns to follow rules and manage his angry feelings to calm down.

Wally’s Feeling Wheels ( 2 types) – Spanish

These two feeling wheels can be used to familiarize children with differing feelings as well as identify how they look. Teachers and therapists may spin the wheel and ask children to demonstrate how that feeling looks on their face or name the word for the feeling. Teachers and group leaders may also describe situations or read stories and ask children to act out and point to the picture on the feeling wheel of how they would feel in that circumstance. Teachers and therapists can also ask children to talk about a time when they felt the way the feeling face looks or with their puppets can share an experience of their own when they felt that way. On each wheel there are eight feelings with Wally’s corresponding facial expression.

Calm Down Thermometer Poster – Spanish

This laminated Calm Down Thermometer Poster can be used by teachers in the classroom or by therapists teaching the Dinosaur program. The thermometer is a visual representation of how to change emotions from “red hot mad” to “cool blue.” The poster has a brightly colored thermometer in the middle with a Velcro strip and arrow on the side. Students are taught to move the arrow up and down to show how they are feeling. Students who are feeling angry learn to take deep breaths or to use another calm-down strategy to get themselves back into the “blue zone.”

Poster dimensions: 17″ x 11″

Feeling Faces Cards – Spanish

These 17 laminated cue cards can be used to teach children emotional literacy. The cards are illustrated with brightly colored cartoon faces (multi-ethnic Wally) showing a variety of different emotions: sad, happy, frustrated, scared, excited, proud, loved, angry, lonely, calm. These cards can be used during circle time to provide a simple visual cue of what a feeling might look like as the concept of the feeling is introduced to the class. As children learn to identify the feeling faces, the cards can be used in varying manners: children can identify their own feelings by pointing to a particular feeling, children can identify how characters in stories are feeling using the cards, and the cards can be used in a variety of games designed to teach and reinforce feelings literacy. These feeling cards are integral to the Feelings Units in the Dinosaur small group and classroom curricula, but can also be used on their own by teachers who are not delivering the social skills program. View tips for using the feeling faces cards

Classroom Rules “Show Me 5” Poster – Spanish

This poster can be displayed in the classroom and used in circle time to teach children each of the classroom rules and/or the “Show me five” prompt. “Show me five” is a prompt for children to demonstrate five learning behaviors at once: eyes on teacher, hands to self, inside voice, listening ears, and working hard. The poster shows a large hand with classroom rules (inside voice, eyes on teacher, hands to self, quiet hands up, listening ears), plus additional rules (walking feet, working hard). View tips for teaching classroom rules

Poster dimensions: 17″ x 11″

Classroom Rules Cue Cards (7 laminated cards) – Spanish

These 7 laminated cue cards can be used to teach and review classroom or group rules. Seven common rules are pictured: “hands to self,” “inside voice,” “walking feet,” “working hard,” “quiet hand up,” “eyes on teacher”, and “listening ears.” The cards may be displayed as a visual signal on the wall or pocket chart (sold separately). Cue cards are used for games that teach and reinforce classroom rules, or given to a particular student to prompt a specific behavior. The cards may also be used with students who have limited language skills, or who are at the pre-reading stage. View tips for teaching classroom rules

Card dimension: 9.5″ x 11″

Social and Emotional Stickers (roll) – Spanish

6 types available: “Soy bueno para ayudar”, “Puedo detener mi enfado”, “Soy buen oyente”, “Puedo resolver problemas”, “pregúntame cómo comparto”, “Me empeñé mucho hoy.”  Teachers and group leaders can use these stickers to reward children who use these social, cognitive and emotional regulation skills. For example, if a classroom or small group has just learned about the idea of giving compliments, the teacher might explain that he will pass out stickers to students who give compliments to others (a compliment challenge). Or if the focus of the social skills program is on anger management, the teacher might look for opportunities to give students the “I can control my anger sticker” for staying calm during frustrating situations.

These stickers can also be used to reinforce particular behaviors as a part of a behavior plan for a challenging student (e.g., if a student who is usually impulsive is able to sit quietly during a specific learning period, then he might earn a sticker that says “I’m good at listening.”). Or, if the teacher is working on teaching problem solving, she might pass out “I can solve problems” stickers to children who are using good solutions.
One sticker type on each roll

Dina Dinosaur Magnet – Spanish

The Dina magnet can be given to children to post their Dinosaur home activities on the refrigerator at home. Posting these pictures helps remind the parents and the children of the concepts they are learning in the Dinosaur program.

Size: 4 x 3.5″