Implementing the Programs


To ensure your Incredible Years® Program is implemented with the highest fidelity, the Incredible Years® has proven processes for training and supporting your service delivery. We offer standardized training and certification for therapists, counselors, social workers, nurses, teachers and physicians. The training process includes session protocols, detailed leader’s manuals, self study videos, books, coaching, mentoring and in person consultation workshops to ensure your agency or school has the  necessary support to deliver the Incredible Years® programs. Since 1983 the Incredible Years® Series’ programs have been implemented within a rich variety of cultural traditions in over twenty countries. These award-winning programs are evidence-based and use empirically validated training methods.

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If you are interested in the Incredible Years® Programs, talking with us can be very helpful as you consider what might be optimal for your implementation. Our mission is to help professionals from a variety of disciplines be able to help others to promote children’s social, emotional and academic development.

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8 Steps to Launching an Incredible Years® Program (Agency Readiness Questionnaire)

This questionnaire will help you assess the need, determine the target population, select the Incredible Years® program and plan your implementation. Incredible Years® Programs have been implemented by mental health agencies, schools, hospitals and child care centers in many countries.

Incredible Years Agency Readiness Questionnaire
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Checklist for Evaluating Organization Implementation

Levels of Intervention

Parent training is the single most effective strategy for preventing behavior problems and promoting children’s social and emotional competence. Teacher training in classroom management strategies reduces aggression and increases children’s social and emotional competence as well as academic success. Child social and emotional training improves children’s relationships with peers and teachers at school and increases children’s emotional literacy, cooperation, school readiness and ability to problem solve. For highly aggressive children the research shows that a combination of parent and teacher/child training achieves better long-term results.

The Incredible Years® Programs are designed by levels of intervention. The program chosen by your agency for dissemination will depend on the characteristics of the population served.


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Administrator Pyramid


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This pyramid provides the steps for agency or school administrators to be able to select, implement and sustain Incredible Years programs with fidelity. The foundation of the pyramid includes choosing the best program for the population to be addressed and assessing agency readiness for program delivery. The next level includes choosing the best people to deliver the IY program and providing certified training and support for quality program delivery. With this foundation in place, it is possible for group leaders to become certified in the programs which assures the best outcomes possible. The top of the pyramid shows that with on going administrator quality control and assessments agencies can develop their own certified Incredible Years coaches and mentors who can help train and support new group leaders.  A supportive and planned infrastructure leads to reduced threats to program fidelity, fewer drop outs from programs and enhanced outcomes for children and families.

Steps to Consider When Translating Incredible Years® Programs

We have had many requests for translations for Incredible Years® into different languages and while we are excited about the possibilities of having more of our materials translated, the process of translating materials and DVDs is complex and time consuming. Incredible Years, Inc. coordinates and oversees the translation process in order to assure quality control of translated materials. There must be a contract in place with Incredible Years Inc. before translations can be undertaken. Please note there are important decisions to be made regarding what elements of the IY program will be translated first. We regret that we cannot undertake all requested translations and that there may be a waiting list for when we can begin a new translation contract.

Incredible Years Translation Checklist
Criteria For Determining Organization Readiness For Translation
Guide to Incredible Years® Brand Use

Our translation application process is informed by the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended process of translation.  Learn more about the WHO guidelines on translation: 
WHO Guidelines On Translation And Adaptation Of Instruments