Implementation Support

Obtain Consultation through the Incredible Years®

Did you know you can obtain consultation through the Incredible Years®?

Accredited Incredible Years® trainers are available to provide consultation to administrators, group leaders, and therapists about a variety of topics related to the Incredible Years® programs. These include:

  • Dissemination issues such as recruiting families, obtaining training, choosing the best program for your agency, assuring program fidelity, and assessing program outcomes.
  • Clinical issues such as promoting attendance, managing resistive parents or disruptive children, setting up practice role plays, and getting accredited or certified in the program.
  • Research issues such as program evaluation, consultation regarding research design and measures to use with IY programs.

How do you access consultation?

Consultation can be obtained by calling (206-285-7565) or e-mailing ( the Incredible Years® office to set up a telephone or online consultation with an accredited trainer. These can be set up with multiple people at the same time or individually.

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We also offer in-house, agency or school consultations. In this case, accredited trainers go to your site and meet with group leaders or therapists to view videos of their IY sessions. These consultations include no more than 10-12 people who bring DVDs of their work for group feedback and trainer input (typically a maximum of 6 DVDs can be reviewed in one day).

Consultation days are also offered in Seattle several times a year by accredited Incredible Years® trainers. Join our newsletter list to receive updates when new trainings are scheduled.

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