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IY World Locations

Read reports and articles from around the world about how the Incredible Years® parent, teacher and child programs are being implemented with success within educational systems, alternative educational classrooms, mental health centers, and child care settings. These examples of actual prevention implementations and treatment studies serving different cultural groups and regions can inform your implementation planning.

Overview of goals and theoretical background of program implementation


CAST Study of the Incredible Years BASIC Program
Location: Denmark

Type of Agency: Syddansk Universitet; CAST – Center for Anvendt Sundhedstjenesteforskning og Teknologivurdering

Read the full study report (in Danish)
Read the summary (in English)

Ministry of Parenting
Location: Essex

Type of Agency: “The Ministry of Parenting is an exciting, innovative and growing Community Interest Company that works with parents and professionals to develop creative evidence-based solutions to the challenges faced by families in society today.” (

Ministry of Parenting Report on two pilot Incredible Years® Autism Spectrum and Language Delays Programs:  22 parents of children on the autism spectrum, ages 2-8, participated in 12 sessions of the IY Parent Autism Program delivered by Jeannie Gordon, an IY Parent Basic Group Leader Mentor in Essex, England. 20 of 22  parents reported positive or highly positive satisfaction scores on the outcome evaluation measure. All but 2 parents reported significant stress reduction on the Autism Parent Stress Index. Many parents wanted the program to continue or to be longer. See report for parents’ comments and graphs of results and population demographics.

Report on two pilot Incredible Years® Autism Spectrum and Language Delays programmes
2016-2018 Summary Report
2013-2014 Impact Report

Children and Parents’ Service Early Intervention
Location: Manchester, England

Type of Agency: The Children and Parents Service (CAPS) is a multi-agency city-wide (urban) early intervention service led by Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) with key partners in Early Years (Manchester City Council) and Family Welfare Association (voluntary sector). CAPS is jointly commissioned through CAMHS, Sure Start, Extended Schools and the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

October, 2010. Dr. Caroline White of Manchester received a Recognition of Achievement by the city of Manchester, England for “Making a difference Through Service Excellence.”

In January 2015, CAPS was published on the National Institute of Health and Care (NICE) website as a model of best practice.

In September 2019, CAPS’ work was highlighted in the journal Children and Young People Now. Read the Article

Agency profile
2015 annual report
2010 annual report
Service brochure 2010
Knowsley Central Primary Support Centre
Location: England

Type of Agency: The Central Area Support Team (CAST) is based at the Central Area Support Centre on Mossbrow Road, Huyton and is made up of: Educational Psychologists, Educational Social Workers, Sensory Impairment Service, Specialist teachers for learning and behaviour (Access and Inclusion), and Inclusion Support Workers.

The Central Area Support Team is committed to working with parents, other agencies and schools to promote the five outcomes with which Every Child Matters is concerned. These include: Being healthy, Staying safe, Enjoying and achieving, Making a positive contribution, and Social economic well-being.

The CAST offers support and advice to parents and carers in developing the emotional, social and educational development of their child. Requests for involvement from the CAST are usually made through the child’s school. The team can be contacted on (0151) 443 5771.

Results from three of the six Incredible Years® Programs: Dina Classroom Program, Dina Small Group Therapy Program, and Parent Program.

Summary Report
Classroom Program
Small Group Therapy Program
Aggregate Results

STARS/STEER Project, University of Exeter
Location: Exeter, England

This video clip features two teachers who attended the first Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management (TCM) course run by the STARS study, in the UK. Nobody can better describe the TCM course and the impact that it has had than the teachers themselves.

Video Clip (YouTube)
Read the Project Summary
Read the 2018 Outcomes Summary
Learn more about the STARS project
Transforming Teaching Article
STARS 2015 Newsletter Update

Research articles related to the STARS project

Hansford et al. BMC Public Health article
Marlow Hansford et al. Public Health article
Ford et al. BMC Public Health article

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Type of Agency: Non-profit organization established to promote the use of evidence-based interventions for children and young people in Ireland.

Archways is a national organization promoting and researching the use of evidence-based programs as an intervention for children and young people experiencing social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. The organization was established in 2007 to promote the roll-out and evaluation of the Incredible Years® (IY) series in Ireland.

Parent Training Changing Lives
Archways Strategic Plan 2021-2025
Archways Annual Report 2020
Archways Combined 12 Month Follow Up Report 2012
Positive Classrooms, Positive Children (a randomized controlled trial, 2011 report)
Archways 2009 Implementation Report
Testing the Benefits of the IY Programme in Ireland: An Experimental Study (2009 report)

The Changing Lives Initiative
Location: Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland

The Changing Lives Initiative is a cross border community-based project working in County Louth, Colin / West Belfast and the Argyll & Bute region working to create a better understanding about ADHD and provide an early intervention parent programme for families with children (3-7) experiencing behaviours consistent with ADHD.

There are five partner organisations involved in The Changing Lives Initiative: Archways, Colin Neighbourhood Partnership, Dundalk Institute of Technology, The Genesis Programme (Louth Leader Partnership) and NHS Highland.

The Changing Lives Initiative: Summary report on Outcomes, Process and Economic Evaluations (April 2021)

The Genesis Programme
Location: Drogheda, Ireland

Type of Agency: The Genesis Programme is a consortium of over fifty Partner Organisations delivering the Incredible Years® suite of programmes and other evidence-informed interventions to children, families and communities in Dundalk and Drogheda in County Louth as part of the ABC Programme.

Linking the Learning: Implementation Guide May 2018
We are the Genesis Programme (2017)

The ENRICH Research Programme
Location: Ireland

Maynooth University, National University of Ireland, Centre for Mental Health & Community Research evaluated the implementation of the Incredible Years® Baby and Toddler Programs through Archways Blue Skies Initiative and The Genesis Programme.

ENRICH (EvaluatioN of wRaparound in Ireland for CHildren and families) is a five-year multi-component research programme, funded by the Health Research Board, and designed to help promote child health and family wellbeing in the earliest years, through the development, implementation and evaluation of ‘wraparound-inspired’ models of service delivery.

The ENRICH research programme was established to: (1) build a greater understanding of how to best address the health, mental health and social care needs of young families; and
(2) to contribute to the development, implementation and evaluation of two new multicomponent services for children and families living in Ireland.

ENRICH Process Evaluation Report
ENRICH Impact Summary Report
The Children at Risk Model (ChARM) – coordinates evidence-based parenting and home visiting programmes, along with community-based supports, to address the multiple and
complex needs of families where children (3-11 years) are at risk of child abuse or neglect.
ENRICH + ChARM Impact Report 3
ENRICH + ChARM Process Evaluation Report 4
+New Zealand

Early Start Project
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Type of Agency: Early Start is a Christchurch based home visitation service that offers long term social, health, and educational supports to families facing serious disadvantage. The service aims to help parents enhance their children’s safety, health, academic achievement, and general wellbeing.  Early Start begun operating in Christchurch in 1995 and over the last 22 years has worked with around 1800 families. The organization has a strong focus on delivering evidenced based services and 2012 research, based on a nine year study, found Early Start was successful in reducing child abuse, non- accidental injuries, and improving parents’ sense of competence and success.     

In 2012 Early Start began offering the Incredible Years Toddler programme to parents with children aged one to three years. As part of the development of the programme, Early  Start has recently completed an outcome evaluation of delivering the IY Toddler programme to families facing parenting problems that place them at high risk of child abuse and neglect.  The Incredible Years Toddler programme is delivered to small groups of parents over the course of 12 weeks.

Outcome Evaluation of the Incredible Years Toddler Programme

Incredible Families Charitable Trust
Location: Wellington, New Zealand

The Incredible Families Charitable Trust has been offering the Incredible Years parent training programs for families in the Wellington area since 2007.

The Incredible Families Charitable Trust launched a pilot program to offer the Incredible Years Parent program, Small Group Dina Child program, and Teacher Classroom Management program as a wraparound program for one community of parents, children and teachers at the Kahurangi School.

Incredible Years Pilot: A Wrap Around Approach

Positive Behaviour for Learning
Location: New Zealand

Type of Agency: New Zealand Ministry of Education.

Up to 12,000 parents will participate in these programmes by 2014. Expanding on the Incredible Years® parenting programme, Positive Behaviour for Learning – Parents reduces challenging behaviours in children aged three to eight years, and increases their social and self-control skills. Parents are the key to the success of the programme.

The Action Plan is a major shift in the management of disruptive behaviour in the education system. It provides proactive support for parents, teachers and schools that benefits everyone. The result will be better learning environments for all students and staff, improved teacher ability to support children’s behaviour and emotional needs, improved engagement in learning, a lift in achievement for students and an increase in teacher confidence and satisfaction.

IY Teacher NZCER Evaluation Report 2015
New Zealand Report: Incredible Years Follow-up Study (2014)
New Zealand Report: Incredible Years Pilot Study (2013)
Positive Behaviour for Learning - Media Release
Positive Behaviour for Learning - Summary of Initiatives
Positive Behaviour for Learning - Action Plan Update 2011
Positive Behaviour for Learning - Action Plan 2010-14
Positive Behaviour - Update 5/2010
Research Report into Māori and Non-Māori Retention in Incredible Years Parent Programme

New Zealand Ministry of Education

Incredible Years Autism Programs were introduced in New Zealand in 2018, led by the Ministry of Education.

Ministry of Education Incredible Years Autism Programmes 2018 Process Evaluation Report
Ministry of Education Incredible Years Autism Programmes 2019 Outcomes Report
Ministry of Education Incredible Years Autism Programmes 2021 Evaluation Report

Werry Workforce Whāraurau

Within New Zealand (NZ), Werry Workforce Whāraurau (Uniservices Auckland Ltd, University of Auckland) has been delivering Incredible Years Parent group leader training and workforce development services since 2006, including tailored support for Māori and Pacific group leaders. This project was undertaken to identify how Werry Workforce Whāraurau (Werry Workforce) can further enhance its support for the Māori and Pacific group leader workforce. The project investigated the barriers and enablers of Māori and Pacific group leader accreditation, programme and cultural fidelity in IYP delivery, and sustainability of the Māori and Pacific workforce.

Incredible Years Parenting Program Māori and Pacific Workforce Research, Consultation, and Formative Evaluation
+Northern Ireland

Northern Health & Social Care Trust
Location: Antrim & Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Type of Agency: Northern Health & Social Care Trust (NHSCT) is a health organization serving the northern region of Northern Ireland.  Incredible Years Parenting Programs and the Teacher Classroom Management Program are offered extensively throughout this Trust area.  Recently, the Trust has launched the IY Autism Spectrum and Language Delays program.  An evaluation of IY ASD program delivery found positive results.

Incredible Years Autism Spectrum and Language Delays Programme Evaluation Report (May 2018)

Norwegian Ministry of Health Implementing the Incredible Years
Location: University of Tromsø, Norway

Type of Agency: Mental Health Centre

1999-2009 – Norway has a nationwide implementation of the Incredible Years®, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Health. The funding is based on political decisions and a result of the Norwegian health authority’s active search for evidence based methods for treatment of conduct problems in children. The first parent group was offered in the fall 1999.

Program Overview

Bethlehem Holy Child Program
Location: The West Bank, Palestine

Type of Agency: Bethlehem Holy Child Program (BHCP)

Our mission is to provide therapeutic treatment and an alternative education for children in the Bethlehem region in the Holy Land who suffer from untreated mental health issues and exposure to intergenerational trauma.

Program Newsletter July, 2012
Program Newsletter December, 2012

University of Coimbra
Location: Coimbra, Portugal

Type of Agency: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Coimbra

This study intends to demonstrate the efficacy of the Incredible Years® BASIC Parent Training Program as an intervention tool with Portuguese preschool children with Disruptive Behavior Disorder symptoms, so as to promote a cost effective and evidence-based clinical practice and to create a valid alternative to pharmacological treatment.

Research Project Summary
Summary of the study
Parent Training Program in ADHD: Parents attendance and satisfaction
What changes in preschoolers with ADHD symptoms after a 14 week Parental Intervention: Preliminary results
Developing and Researching the IY Parent Programmes in Portugal (Presentation)
Efficacy in a sample of Portuguese pre-school age children with AD/HD behaviours

NHS Education for Scotland
Location: Scotland

The Psychology of Parenting Project, developed within NHS Education for Scotland (NES), is aimed at improving the availability of high-quality evidence-based parenting programmes for families with young children who have elevated levels of behaviour problems. The Early Years Taskforce has approved a national roll-out of the PoPP model and commitments relating to it are included in the Mental Health and National Parenting Strategies. The plan aligns with the public service reform agenda by promoting cross-sector, cost-effective early intervention and offers evidence-based outcomes that particularly match the workstream 3 aims of the Early Years Collaborative. The model also chimes with the GIRFEC framework as it places children at the centre of services, and values the assets of the families and communities in which they live.

Read about PoPP

University Medical Center, Ljubljana
Location: Slovenia

Incredible Years Parenting Programs began in Slovenia in March 2015 to October 2016, it was implemented with the financial support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. Since 2017 it has been financially supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Health.  The project was implemented as a program for prevention and early intervention of behavioral disorders in children through the Incredible Years Parenting Programs. During the project implementation, 20 professionals were trained to deliver programs, and over 300 parents participated in this pilot program.

2018 Report on the Incredible Years Parenting Program in Slovenia

The University of the Basque Country, Gipuzkoa
Location: San Sebastian, Spain

Beginning in January 2014, The University of the Basque Country launched a pilot project to deliver Incredible Years Parent and Child programs in the Gipuzkoa Province.  The project was carried out in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, the City Council of Donostia-San Sebastián and the University of the Basque Country.  Their study included 95 families (137 parents and 105 children).  Parents participating in the program reported a high degree of satisfaction and usefulness of the intervention. Parents participating in IY reported more and greater improvements than the control group in most of the variables evaluated, both at 6 and 12 months. Positive changes were observed in parenting skills (PPI), parenting stress (PSI), depressive symptomatology (BDI) and perception of child behavior problems (ECBI). In the IY group, improvements increased at 12 months follow-up.

April 2019 Summary Report of Pilot Implementation of Incredible Years in Guipuzkoa (in Spanish)

Gregorio Marañón University General Hospital
Location: Madrid  

The Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Gregorio Marañón University General Hospital has piloted the Incredible Years® Autism Parenting Program.  The FIRST STEPS Incredible Years® ASDLD intervention is being carried out in three Spanish public health hospitals, recruiting a total of 72 children diagnosed with ASD or preterm infants with subsequent language delay, randomized to the IY-ASD intervention arm or the usual treatment arm. This is intended as a first step in the generalization of the program within the public health network, as well as for future controlled studies demonstrating its efficacy. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the intervention is currently being delivered both in weekly online sessions over 6 months and in some cases a hybrid approach depending on the policy for the various communities. Dr. Valencia and her team have consulted with Dr. Webster-Stratton regarding implementing the Autism program with families online with fidelity to the program protocol.  To date, the FIRST STEPS project has finished the groups in the three sites, with very positive feedback from the families.

2021 Protocol for a randomized pilot study (FIRST STEPS)
+United States

Location: Pennsylvania

The EPISCenter is a project of the Prevention Research Center, College of Health and Human Development, and Penn State University. The EPISCenter supports the dissemination, quality implementation, sustainability, and impact assessment of a menu of proven-effective prevention and intervention programs, and conducts original translational research to advance the science and practice of evidence-based prevention.

Learn more about the EPISCenter’s implementation of Incredible Years programs on their website.

Read the 2010-2019 Basic Parent 9-Year Data Summary
Read the 2010-2019 Advanced Parent 9-Year Data Summary
Read the 2010-2019 Classroom Dina 9-Year Data Summary
Read the 2010-2019 Small Group Dina 9-Year Data Summary
Read the 2015-2016 Summary
Read the 2013-2014 Summary
Read the 2012-2013 Summary

University of Missouri
Location: Columbia

UMissouriEvaluation of a Video-based Modeling Program to Promote Effective Teacher Classroom Management Practices (08/01/2010 – 7/31/2014). Funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES; Efficacy and Replication), R305A100342, awarded to Wendy Reinke, Keith Herman, and Melissa Stormont.


LEAP Teacher Report
SREE Conference Presentation

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Location: Los Angeles, California


Under the leadership of Agency Mentor and Assistant Professor in Clinical Pediatrics Dean Coffey, PsyD, CHLA provides twelve 18-20 week School Age BASIC and Early Childhood/Preschool BASIC parent training groups and twelve Dinosaur School child therapy groups per year. Clinicians and staff from CHLA training programs participate in weekly group supervision using the collaborative IY Peer Coaching and Consultation Day models to review recordings of their groups, provide feedback, and practice their group leadership skills.
CHLA IY Summary (2013)

Amherst H. Wilder Foundation
Location: Ramsey County, Minnesota

Type of Agency: The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation is a nonprofit health and human services organization that combines direct service, research, and community development to address the needs of the most vulnerable people in greater Saint Paul.

Wilder introduced Incredible Years® to the community in 2004. Wilder implements the Teacher Classroom Management Program and the Dina Dinosaur Classroom Curriculum as a full-day early childhood care and education program. Wilder trains and mentors other providers, including Head Start, to assure program fidelity. Wilder also provides the Dina Small Group Therapy Program and the Preschool BASIC Parent Program. In Fall 2009, Wilder will coordinate local training in the new Parents and Babies and Parents and Toddlers programs, and will begin offering these new programs to community parents.

Read the Summary of Wilder's Implementation in Ramsey County, MN
Read the Related Article on Implementation in Ramsey County, MN
Child Resiliency Project
Location: Stark County, Ohio

Type of Agency: Community Mental Health and Consulting

Agency Profile
Program Summary Report 2007-08
Outcome Summary for 2010-11
Penobscot Community Health Care: Incredible Years Program to Support Employees
Location: Bangor, Maine

Type of Agency: PCHC is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) serving 38 towns of the greater Bangor region.

In January 2009, Penobscot Community Health Care (PCHC) started to offer “The Incredible Years® Basic Parenting Program” to its employees.  The training was offered to PCHC employees as a model to promote universal parenting education to all families. Parenting young children can be a great stressor for working parents and the leadership at PCHC believed that offering IY to employees was a way of supporting parenting education for families to reduce stress at home and at the workplace.

Read the Article
Invest in Kids
Location: Denver, Colorado

Type of Agency: Invest in Kids (IIK) is a non-profit agency whose mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable children and families throughout Colorado. Working in partnership with local communities, IIK identifies, introduces, implements and ensures the success of research-based, proven programs.

Invest in Kids identified The Incredible Years® program in 2002 after an intensive international search for a program with significant and sustained evidence that would benefit children, their families and their teachers. The Incredible Years® program was implemented statewide, in over 128 sites, serving over 6,507 children and 416 parents. Invest in Kids (IIK) is the sole source of Incredible Years® training in the state and supports sites in implementing the program through intensive technical assistance and evaluation.

Agency Profile
Outcomes Summary 2021-2022
Outcomes Summary 2020-2021
Outcomes Summary 2018-2019
Outcomes Summary 2017-2018
Outcomes Summary 2016-2017
Outcomes Summary 2015-2016
Outcomes Summary 2013-2014
Outcomes Summary 2012-2013
Outcomes summary 2011-2012
Outcomes summary 2010-2011

Morrison Child and Family Services
Location: Portland, Oregon

Type of Agency: Community Mental Health organization with 500 staff.
Agency Profile
Logistics and Support for running Incredible Years Groups
Consultation Model
Organizing Groups: Nuts and Bolts
Morrison Child and Family Services Clinical Model
Incredible Years Group Leader Checklist
Recruitment and Retention Strategies
Public Recognition about Morrison Child and Family Services
Dinosaur School in Session, OPB transcript
Dinosaur Teaches Kids New Tricks, The Oregonian 11/06
Success Stories from Incredible Years Groups

North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc.
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Evaluations of Smart Start Family Support and Health Grant. Iheoma U. Iruka and Kelly Maxwell, FPG Child Development Institute, UNC – Chapel Hill.

May 2008 evaluation and program overview
October 2008 evaluation

Olmsted County Children’s Mental Health Center
Location: Rochester, Minnesota

Agency Profile

Ohio Department of Mental Health
Location: Columbus, Ohio

Type of Agency: State mental health.
This report provides a summary of the Incredible Years® Program for July 2007-2008 by Ohio Department of Mental Health. The report provides pre and post measures on the Incredible Years® Parent Program (parenting scale), Child Small Group Treatment Program (DECA), Classroom Dina Program (teacher DINA program satisfaction) and Teacher Classroom Management Program (teacher classroom management satisfaction).

Read the Report

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina
Location: North Carolina

Type of Agency: Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina (PCANC) is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Through investment in innovative programs proven to prevent child maltreatment before it occurs, PCANC works with North Carolina’s communities to help build safe, stable, nurturing, and healthy relationships for all children.

2016-2017 Outcomes Evaluation
2015-2016 Final Outcomes Evaluation
2015-2016 Evaluation Summary
2012-2013 Final Outcomes Evaluation
2012-2013 Final Evaluations Summary
2012-2013 Summary Snapshot
Statewide Incredible Years Data Summary 2011-2012
Executive Summary 2011-2012
Final Report 2011-2012

SEEDS Project 
Location: Fayette County, Pennsylvania

The project is focused on improving the children’s social-emotional development, using the SEEDS Project (Social Emotional Early Developmental Success). To achieve this goal, the SEEDS Project funding will be used to develop staff resources within the program to assist children, their parents, and other community agencies involved in the Early Childhood Education system with preventing, reducing, and treating aggression and inappropriate behaviors in children. As a result, the outcomes include promotion of children’s social, emotional, and academic competence. The guiding tool for developing positive social-emotional development is the Incredible Years® (IY) Curriculum.

Read the Summary of Incredible Years and the SEEDS Project

Tulsa Oklahoma Health Department – Report
Location: Oklahoma

Type of Agency: Tulsa City-County Health Department.
Parenting classes were conducted by staff from the Child Guidance Clinic in the Tulsa City-County Health Department.

Read the Summary of Incredible Years Program

Powys Teaching Health Board

The Powys Teaching Health Board was established in 2003.  They have supported the implementation of several Incredible Years programs, and have evaluated the effectiveness of the IY Baby Parenting, Autism Parenting, and Incredible Beginnings programs within the community.

Outcome Report of the Autism Program Pilot Study 2015-2017
2020 Outcomes Summary of the Incredible Beginnings Program
2021-2023 Evaluation of the Incredible Beginnings Program Delivered Remotely in Powys


Group Leaders Trained in Incredible Years, by Country