Attentive Parenting® Program

For parents with children ages 2-6 years.

The Attentive Parenting® program is a 6-9 session group-based “universal” parenting  program. It can be offered to ALL parents to promote their children’s emotional regulation, social competence, problem solving, reading and school readiness. This is not a program for children with significant behavior or developmental problems or family mental health difficulties, although it may be used as a supplement to the Basic program or for follow up booster sessions.

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+Attentive Parenting® Program Topics
  • Attentive child-directed play promotes positive relationships and children’s confidence
  • Attentive academic and persistence coaching promote children’s language and school readiness
  • Attentive emotion coaching strengthens children’s emotional literacy and empathy
  • Attentive social coaching promotes children’s cooperative friendships
  • Attentive, imaginative parenting promotes children’s emotional regulation skills
  • Attentive, creative play promotes children’s problem solving and empathy

For more details, please see the program Content & Objectives:

Attentive Parenting Content and Objectives

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+Attentive Parenting® Program Curriculum Set
  • Program Video Vignettes (5 hours) shown in 6-9 weekly 2-hour group sessions. Video vignettes are available in 2 formats: 6 DVD set -or- NEW 1-year streaming subscription (online streaming English-only)
  • Comprehensive Leader’s Manual, including parents’ weekly “Attentive Parenting® Tips” (brief points to remember from program) and home activities
  • Wally Detective Books (set of 4)
  • Incredible Toddlers: A Guide and Journal of Your Toddler’s Discoveries book
  • The Incredible Years: A Troubleshooting Guide for Parents of Children Aged 3-8 Years (3rd Edition) book
  • Attentive Parenting® Poster
  • Set of 6 stickers
  • Refrigerator Magnet

Supplemental materials support and enhance the programs and may be purchased separately.

  • Incredible Parents Conversation Card Game
  • Piggybank Poster
  • Incredible Years® Stickers (“You are incredible!” “I am an incredible parent!”)

Purchasing Information

+Implementation Cost Information

Please see basic cost information provided below. This is meant to give a general overview of upfront and ongoing costs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more particular questions regarding program & book discounts, training costs, etc.

Up Front Costs

Attentive Parenting® Program: $1,105.00 (Purchase)

Group Leader Training: Contact us if you are interested in attending training for this program. See Workshop Information.

Ongoing Costs

Books for parents

The Incredible Years: A Troubleshooting Guide for Parents of Children Aged 3-8 Years (3rd Edition) – cover price $24.95 ($23.50 per copy if purchasing 10-99 copies)

Incredible Toddlers: A Guide and Journal of Your Toddler’s Discoveries: $18.95 per copy (if purchasing between 2-99 copies)


Venue for leading groups

Child care



Be sure to plan for ongoing consultation by phone, online, or in person for new group leaders. Consultation is conducted by certified Incredible Years® Mentors and Trainers. This early support and feedback ensures the parenting groups are delivered with fidelity and are successful. Consultation Fee: $230/hour


Group Leaders are encouraged to apply for certification/accreditation, which promotes fidelity to the program by ensuring optimal outcomes. See Certification section for more details and information on pricing.

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+Watch Video Clips from the Curriculum

Attentive Parenting Program Preview

Attentive Parenting Program 3, Vignette #9 (clip)

Attentive Parenting Program 5, Vignette #5,6 (clip)

Attentive Parenting Program 6, Vignette #1 (clip)

Incredible Years® Program Video Streaming Now Available!

The Attentive Parenting® program is available in online streaming format (available in English only). If you’re purchasing a new curriculum set you have the option to order the full program set with a one-year subscription to the videos streaming online. If you already own the program you have the option to add a one-year subscription to the videos streaming online.

Features of the Online Streaming Format:

  • Usable on any device with internet connection. No DVD/USB needed.
  • Easy to navigate video channels for each program part and vignette
  • Unique, secure login for each Group Leader

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