Teacher Classroom Management Program


For groups of teachers working with children ages 4-8 years.

The Teacher Classroom Management program is a prevention program to strengthen teacher classroom management strategies, and promote children’s prosocial behavior and school readiness (reading skills). The program is intended for group leaders who plan to work with groups of teachers to promote these skills. It is divided into 6 full day workshops, spread out with time in between each workshop so that teachers have time to practice the new skills they are learning. The program has been shown in control group studies to reduce classroom aggression and noncooperation, and promote peer interaction, school readiness, and enjoyment with school activities. It focuses on ways teachers can effectively collaborate with and support parents’ school involvement, and promote home-to-school consistency. The Teacher Classroom Management Program is useful for teachers, teacher aides, school psychologists, and school counselors. There is another program, Incredible Beginnings, which is intended for Teachers and Child Care Providers of toddlers and preschoolers (ages 1–5).

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+Teacher Classroom Management Program Topics
  • Workshop 1: Building Positive Relationships with Students
  • Workshop 1b: Preventing Behavior Problems – The Proactive Teacher
  • Workshop 2: The Importance of Teacher Attention, Coaching and Praise
  • Workshop 3: Motivating Children Through Incentives
  • Workshop 4 & 5: Decreasing Inappropriate Behavior
  • Workshop 6: Emotional Regulation, Social Skills & Problem Solving

For more details, please see the program Content & Objectives

Teacher Classroom Management Content and Objectives

What is the difference between the TCM and Incredible Beginnings Programs?

Teacher Program Logic Model

Teaching Pyramid® Poster (click to enlarge)


+Teacher Classroom Management Program Curriculum Set
  • Comprehensive Leader’s Manual
  • DVD set (7 discs) –orNEW 1-year streaming subscription (online streaming English-only)
  • Teaching Pyramid® Magnet
  • Dina’s Wheel of Fortune Poster
  • Incredible Teachers Book
  • Teaching Pyramid® Poster
  • Calm Down Thermometer Poster
  • Teacher Stickers (6 rolls)
  • School Rules Cards set
  • “Show Me Five” Poster

View the Supplemental materials section to learn more about support items that enhance the programs. All Supplemental Materials can be purchased separately.

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+Teacher Classroom Management Self Administered Manuals

teacher-self-adminA set of 7 Self-Administered manuals for the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Series

For the Teacher Classroom Management Series we have developed a set of self-administered teacher manuals to go with each of the DVD topics. While it is highly recommended that teachers attend the authorized Incredible Years 6-day teacher workshop because of the collaborative learning, shared insights and emotional support provided by the teacher groups, there are times when this self-learning model can be beneficial. For example, this learning approach can be offered as a study option for use by teachers who do not have access to scheduled teacher workshops, or for make-up sessions if they miss one of the 6 workshop days. Teachers may also use this program for more in-depth study of vignettes not shown during the workshop sessions. This program can be put in school libraries for teachers’ self-reflective learning completed either individually or ideally with teacher colleagues.

Tips for successful self-study include:
  • Having a private place free of distractions and interruptions
  • Setting aside a minimum of 45 minutes to view the books, one at a time (each book may take multiple sessions to finish viewing)
  • When possible, do this self-learning with a teacher “buddy” to share ideas and support
  • View video vignettes and pause to read questions in manual and discuss ideas
    Use teacher handouts, brainstorms and buzzes to keep track of teacher thoughts, ideas and action plans
  • Read handouts at end of each program and post blackboard notes to remind yourself of key points
  • Do the suggested classroom activities whenever possible to reinforce concepts learned
  • Plan time for reading the Incredible Teachers: Nurturing Children’s Social, Emotional, and Academic Competence book
  • Set up personal goals after completing each book and complete the self-reflection inventory
  • If you are doing this with a teacher coach, share your successes and seek consultation and support as needed.
+Implementation Cost Information

Please see basic cost information provided below. This is meant to give a general overview of upfront and ongoing costs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more particular questions regarding program & book discounts, training costs, etc.

Up Front Costs

Teacher Classroom Management Program Curriculum Set:
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Group Leader Training:  See Workshop Information.

Ongoing Costs

Book for teachers

Incredible Teachers: Nurturing Children’s Social, Emotional, and Academic Competence


Venue for leading groups



Be sure to plan for ongoing consultation by phone or in person for new group leaders. Consultation is conducted by certified Incredible Years Mentors and Trainers. This early support and feedback ensures the parenting groups are delivered with fidelity and are successful.


Group Leaders are encouraged to apply for certification/accreditation, which promotes fidelity to the program by ensuring optimal outcomes. See Certification section for more details and information on pricing.

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+Watch Video Clips from the Curriculum

TCM, “Preventing Behavior Problems” Vignette 20 (Clip)

TCM, “Building Positive Relationships” Vignette S-1 (Clip)

TCM, “Preventing Behavior Problems” Vignette 35 (Clip)

Incredible Years® Program Video Streaming Now Available!

The Teacher Classroom Management program is available in online streaming format (available in English only). If you’re purchasing a new curriculum set you have the option to order the full program set with a one-year subscription to the videos streaming online. If you already own the program you have the option to add a one-year subscription to the videos streaming online.

Features of the Online Streaming Format:

  • Usable on any device with internet connection. No DVD/USB needed.
  • Easy to navigate video playlists for each program part and vignette
  • Unique, secure login for each Group Leader

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Coming Soon – USB Format

If you’re purchasing a new curriculum set you will have the option to choose either the DVD or USB format. If you already own the program you have an option, for a limited time, to upgrade your DVD set to the USB format.  We just ask that the original DVD set be returned to IY along with an upgrade fee of $200.

Features of Flash Drive format:

• user doesn’t need a DVD drive but caninsert flash drive directly into computer
• user doesn’t need to insert separate DVDs for each topic because the entire curriculum is on one flash drive
• can be used with most browsers such as Safari 6.1, Firefox 31+, Internet Explorer 11+, Edge. Chrome users: to play USB, right-click on your browser window to “show controls.” ***Please see instructions for using USB drives in Chromebook laptops.
Program Video Available in DVD Format

Program Available in DVD Format

Language Versions: English, Finnish Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese

See our tips for playing DVDs: Playing DVDs On Your Computer