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Resources for Group Leaders

Resources for Group Leaders of Parent Programs
Resources for Group Leaders of Child Programs
Resources for Group Leaders of Teacher Programs
Resources for Group Leaders Working Remotely
Measures and Forms for Group Leaders
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Did you know?

Have you recently attended a Group Leader training, or maybe you attended one quite some time ago? Check out the “Parent Group Leader Workshop Training Samples”! These are videos filmed during a 3 day training led by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, intended to help remind you of concepts learned in the training and further your understanding.

Videos for Group Leaders!

Here you can find different video series we have done that may be helpful to use as a resources for further learning and/or providing information to others about the Incredible Years groups you are offering. Click below to view the videos.

+Incredible Years® Parent Program Participant Reflections

#1 How does the Incredible Years® Parent Program work for Head Start families?

#2 What do parents learn about the foundation of the Parent Program?

#3 What do parents have to say about their experiences with the Incredible Years® Parent Program?

#4 What do parents learn about discipline?

#5 What methods do Incredible Years® Group Leaders use to work with parents?

#6 What are the outcomes of Incredible Years® Parenting Groups?

#7 Does the Incredible Years® Parenting Program work with other cultures?

+Incredible Years® Teacher Program Participant Reflections


Foundation of the Incredible Years® Teaching Pyramid®

Managing Classroom Misbehavior

Teacher Experiences Learning the Program

Trainer Experiences Working with Teachers

The Bedrock of Children’s Academic Learning

Research Regarding the Program

Dissemination, Certification and Need for Ongoing Support and Monitoring

+Incredible Years® Child Program Participant Reflections

#1 Introduction to The Incredible Years® Dinosaur School Child Training Program

#2 Content of The Incredible Years® Dinosaur School Child Training Program

#3 Teacher Experiences with the Classroom Dinosaur School Child Program

#4 Therapist and Parent Experiences with the Small Group Dina Curriculum

#5 Trainer Reflections About Training Teachers & Therapists to Implement the Child Program(s)

#6 Research with The Incredible Years Dinosaur School Child Training Program

#7 Supporting Implementation of IY Child Programs with Fidelity

Learn about Certification

Attending a training is the first step to becoming certified in the Incredible Years®!  Our certification process  promotes fidelity and provides leaders implementing Incredible Years programs with the highest level of support and feedback.

If you are already a trained Incredible Years® group leader and are looking for group leader certification information, click here.