Advisory Committee


From left: Caroline White Ph.D. (England), Peter Loft MSW (Seattle), Dianne Lees Ph.D. (New Zealand), Carolyn Webster-Stratton Ph.D. (Seattle – IY Developer), Siri Gammelseter Clin Psy. (Norway) and Sue Evans Ph.D. (Wales) [Not pictured: Barbara Palmer (Denmark)]
Carolyn has put together a small advisory committee for consultation and problem solving. Goals of this committee include:

  • Sharing unique needs and challenges of each country and discussing solutions
  • Discussing ideas for how to inform agency administrators and policy makers about the importance of fidelity delivery of IY programs
  • Expanding strategies to encourage more IY group leaders, peer coaches and mentors to become accredited
  • Promotion of delivery of new programs and process for developing mentors in these programs
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Brainstorming needs for further research
  • Planning agenda for yearly mentor meetings
  • Finally (but not least important) is supporting each other internationally as a team to promote children’s social and emotional competence and to reduce behavior problems

*The long term goal is to reduce violence and delinquency internationally.