Dina-tip-cards - large

Six sets of 6 different cards.

For Parents:


A set of 6 glossy cards (dimensions: 8.5″ x 5.5″) can be given out to parents of children who are participating in the Dinosaur Social, Emotional and Problem Solving Programs or in the Basic Incredible Years parenting programs. The cards provide parents with tips for how to help their children calm down, problem solve and make friends. They provide information on ways to use academic, persistence, social and emotional coaching while engaged in child-directed play with children.

*The cards can also be helpful to new group leaders in either the Dina program or the Parent program.

For Teachers:


This set of 6 glossy cards can also be given to teachers participating in the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Program. These tips can help teachers with the scripts to use while teaching children anger management using Tiny Turtle’s puppet, problem solving, and social skills with Molly and Wally puppets. Teachers may like to share these skills with the parents of children in their classrooms and use these cards as handouts for the parents.