Dina Detective Booklets - LargeThese 10-20 page coloring booklets contain all the Dinosaur School Detective Club Home Activities. Each set includes 7 booklets, one for each of the dinosaur units.

These child home activities are designed for parents and their child to complete together. Parents can read the instructions and support their child’s learning by working together on the concepts their child is learning in Dinosaur School. Parents are encouraged to listen and transcribe their children’s stories and solutions, as well as praise their drawings and efforts to answer the questions posed in the booklets. Parents are encouraged to sign off on the effort the child makes to complete one of the activities and remember that there are no “right” or “wrong” answers or perfect pictures. When an assignment is complete the parent may then send the booklet back for their child to deliver to Dina’s mail box. Teachers, in turn, may pull out these activities during circle time to read to Dina and to complement their student’s work.