Experts in Action: Parenting Program Facilitator Training; A set of 8 DVDs (13 hours and 40 minutes)

product_experts-pp-facilitator-training-300pxFilmed in 2010 when Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton delivered a 3-day parent training workshop for 25 group leaders learning to deliver the Incredible Years (IY) BASIC Parenting Program. View clips from this program

These DVDs are an opportunity for group leaders who are implementing the IY Parenting Program to see the developer discuss her theory and rationale for the collaborative methods and processes underlying the successful group delivery of this program. The DVD clips show Carolyn Webster-Stratton modeling how to mediate video vignettes, do benefits/barriers exercises, buddy buzzes, pull out principles, and set up role play practices. She explains how to work collaboratively with parents and tailor the program to the specific population being addressed so that it is meaningful and targeted at their goals.

These DVDs are not meant to replace attending a workshop delivered by an accredited IY trainer or mentor. Every workshop involves interactive learning and is flexibly adapted according to the backgrounds of the participants and the populations they serve. In-person workshops are no more than 25 participants to ensure all have opportunity to ask the trainer questions, share ideas with others,  build supportive networks among group leaders, and to individually practice the leadership skills they are learning.

Who is this series relevant for?
  • Group leaders learning to deliver the IY parent program
  • IY peer coaches in their work with new group leaders
  • IY mentors for review and study of their training workshops
  • Administrators and clinicians interested in the methods and content of the Incredible Years programs

View video clips from this program