Wallys-detective-hatThe Sherlock Holmes hat can be given to a child who is designated as a classroom detective for the day. A new detective may be designated each day to work on different social skills such as complimenting, waiting, sharing, and helping. The classroom detective wearing the hat carries a clipboard ready to record the names of fellow students who they see demonstrating a social skill, such as complimenting another child. Some good places to have detectives are the playground or the lunchroom. This hat can also be used to play a “pass the hat” game. “Pass the hat” is played during circle time by playing music as the hat is handed around the circle. When the music stops the child holding the hat pulls out a question from the hat and answers it. The music then continues with each child passing the hat to the next child until the music stops again. The content of the dinosaur unit that is being taught will determine the kinds of questions that the teacher may want to put in the hat. Teachers can find suggested questions for each of the 7 units in the dinosaur leader manual.