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Targeted vs Universal Provision of Support in High-Risk Communities: Comparison of Characteristics in Two Populations Recruited to Parenting Interventions

Abstract Purpose: To compare the characteristics of parents and children recruited for two randomised-controlled trials (RCTs) of parenting support in disadvantaged communities in Wales in order to explore the effects of community-based vs individual-based targeting in early prevention. Design/methodology/approach: Parents from high-risk disadvantaged communities in Wales, where additional early intervention.
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Two-generation psychiatric intervention in the prevention of early childhood maltreatment recidivism

Year: 2015 Bibliography: Constantino, J., Ben-David, V., Navsaria, N., Spiegel, E., Glowinski, A., Rogers, C., Jonson-Reid, M. Two-generation psychiatric intervention in the prevention of early childhood maltreatment recidivism. The American Journal of Psychiatry, 2015. In Press. Author: Constantino, et al [spacer] Abstract Objective: This article describes experience and early outcomes of a two-generation approach to preventive psychiatric.
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