Jamila Reid (Director of Operations)

Dr. Jamila Reid is a clinical child psychologist who worked at the University of Washington Parenting Clinic with Dr. Webster-Stratton from 1997-2010. From 2010 to 2016 she worked as a consultant for Incredible Years Inc. as a trainer for the Child and Teacher Incredible Years Programs. She traveled around the world to offer workshops to new group leaders and to provide consultation and support to group leaders, mentors, and researchers. She also worked in Seattle at several mental health agencies offering Dinosaur School Treatment groups and consulting with parents and teachers of children with challenging behaviors. In 2017 she started working full time for Incredible Years Inc., as Operations Manager. Her work involves organizing training schedules, providing dissemination and clinical consultations, conducting video reviews for accreditation, overseeing financial issues, supporting mentors and trainers, as well as delivering some workshop trainings.  She works closely closely with Carolyn and the IY team in problem solving group leader, mentor, agency and country dissemination issues and assuring quality program delivery and optimal intervention outcomes. Her 20 years of clinical and research experience with IY programs makes her uniquely qualified to promote fidelity program delivery.