October 13 at 6:38 am Report

I have a very anxious child, who had problems getting to school and even getting out of the house. We did the course for under twelves (Zack was 9 when we started) and it has made such a difference. He can now go out and only misses school when he is really ill. It’s not completely fixed but thanks to your course and the drop-in group I still attend, we have the tools to help him and us with the things that happen. Our goal for the course was to have a happy, confident boy who could go to school and go out to have fun and we could see changes within three weeks of starting the course.

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We still have the root cause to help Zack with (the loss of both my parents within 3 weeks of each other) but we know now that we are on the right road.

Thank you so much, we are so grateful for all your very helpful and sensible advice through the local Incredible Years course. We really were so worried about his future.

October 13 at 11:45 am Report

Dear Carolyn,
I would be happy for you to use us to give feedback to anyone. I spend my time here telling anyone who is interested how good the course was and how much fantastic advice we got from it. My husband took the time off work to attend the course so after picking Zack up from school we used that to have a good family special time, doing anything Zack wanted which encouraged him to go out (one day we just stood throwing stones in the sea and being three kids having fun!)

Thank you again.

Tan Trappitt
I would recommend your course to anyone who loves their kids, it gave us all so much.