My son is now 18 years old and getting ready to graduate from high school. In 1996 we were part of this program. We were in a group of parents who met every week for 6 months to learn better ways to deal with our child who was diagnosed with Oppositional Behavior Disorder when he was 4 years old. He was the youngest child in our group. While we learned, so did our children, Dinosaur School. I have to say it was the best spent 6 months of our lives. I felt then, and continue to feel so blessed by the opportunity to participate in your program. It truly saved our child and our family. He was out of control and I was afraid and he was only 4. How was I supposed to deal with and control a teen ager if I could not manage a toddler? Our pediatrician did not give us any hopes at all when he diagnosed this child with ODD. He told us to keep on the lookout for “full blown conduct disorder” and told us words like “medications” and “institutionalized.” I was stunned. I did everything I could to find a hope when I realized what conduct disorder really meant.

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One day I saw Carolyn on the TV. I wrote down the number and almost forgot to check it out. When I finally did call… well, since that day I have known that it was a gift. He is a successful student. He is well rounded. He has a plan for his life that he wants to be a game designer, he has already written a few games. He has been dating the same girl for 3 years and I witnessed her deal with him while he was almost in a meltdown, it was beautiful. You would have thought she had taken the classes right along with us. Yes, unfortunately he sometimes still has a meltdown… but not nearly like they use to be, and no meds, no institution. I am so proud and so grateful. I just wanted to let you know that no matter how many success stores you hear or have on your web site, that there is one real boy, who was the youngest ever to go into the program, that turned out so much better than even you could have imagined. When you see our video of the home study and see how far we all have come, it’s a miracle, a blessing, and I can never say enough thank yous to you and your programs.

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